About me

I assume it’s some sort of unwritten law of blogging that every blog will have an “About me” page. I’m not sure why. Most people are more impressed with themselves than they are anyone else, so me telling you about myself is boring and inconsequential. That pic of your dinner you posted to Facebook will probably matter more.

I’m married to a great wife, got a bunch of kids who still aren’t sure if they like me or not, cuz that’s what great kids do. Some of those kids have kids. My wife has cats – I’m secretly Okay with the cats, just don’t tell them. Pretty soon I’ll have a dog.

Hi there! During the day, I’m me. In the evening, I’m me. At night, I’m me. In the morning however, I’m pretty sure Im a whole new person but when I look in the mirror, it turns out I’m still me.