From an iPad

My goal here is to write. Duh. They say it is always the teacher who learns, and I hope to teach Python, even if I know there aren’t any students. My goal isn’t learning Python, as much as it is learning Python basics, but learning it so well that touching the keyboard splits the clouds and angelic choirs sing. Alright, that might not be the vision although I am sure you know what I mean. The twist here is that I have no time for all this except for during my commute. Mornings I read, so my afternoons will be filled with geeking and writing about Python, Pauli’s hint a blog about it, and doing so from an iPad. That’s the intent and the challenge. Let’s see how it goes.


130 Words

2019-02-15 03:10 +0000

3c3ea50 @ 2019-02-15

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