Black Friday

Black Friday is an insane idea

Well sort of.

Let’s face it, Black Friday is a bad idea for all of us. From a consumer standpoint if you are involved, you have to be a sucker. From a retailer standpoint, you bait people with underpriced goods to manipulate your customers. Manipulation is rarely a good way to wow your customers. In fact I can’t say I think it is ever a good thing.

For me though, one good thing did come out of it. The teen daughter insisted that we go shopping. I can understand the fascination with wanting to be part of the crowds and the bustle, and yet my understanding of the phenomenon hardly gives way to ugliness of the crowds and the bustle. However, understaning of a situation is hardly arival to love for a child you share a home with. So out of love, I agreed to take her to the local outlet mall.

Thankfully love only demanded a minor sacrifice of parking a quarter of a mile away, dodging grumpy people, ingnoring delicious smells and only a few stores with minor lines. She only wanted a new pair of Converse and the pride that comes with buying something with ones own money. She made me proud with her frugality, and especially the focus in the chaos. We checked out a few other stores and when the grandaughter who also accompanied us started manifesting the results of too little sleep we all began another quarter mile hike.

Black Friday is in my mind still monumentally stupid, and yet it gave me another memory with a daughter to cherish.


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