My whole life has been lived when there has been this idea that people separate who they are at work and at home into different people. That’s stupid! I am the same person if I am home and if I am work. At home I am a Christian, at work I am there because I am a Christian and God expects me to work and be productive and follow the rules at work. Ironically, one of the tacit expectations of employment in America is to keep your religion and politics out of the office. I will abide by that, and should someone at work ask me about my faith I will simply ask to discuss it outside of a work setting and at most tell them I keep a lot of what I believe and think here.

A person needs balance in all the different aspect of their life. Work, family, finances, health, personal and professional relationships all play a part in who a person is at a given moment. All these with our failures, successes, and drudgeries work together making the music of our lives. Who you are changes, and it is up to the person themself to guide that change. It is why the Bible tells us to guard our hearts – it is telling us that good things and plenty of bad things will come, and if we haven’t diligently prepared who we are, we will be washed away into the storms.

This blog has articles from all aspects of who I am.